dubai bank corp
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Started: Jun 17, 2017
Running days: 8
Total accounts: 348
Total deposited: $ 2905.95
Total withdrawals: $ 441.02
Visitors online: 1
Last deposit: $ 2.31 (kitipun)
Last withdraw: $ 0.10 (Sumitkr121)
Instant Withdrawal
Hourly Income
24/7 Customer Support
21% - 40%
for 5 HOURS
Min. $1 - $10,000
11% - 15%
for 10 HOURS
Min. $3 - $10,000
5% - 10%
for 30 HOURS
Min. $3 - $50,000
after 1 day
Min. $3 - $80,000
after 35 days
Min. $10-$80,000

Deposit Amount:
Profit % :
Profit $ :
Welcome Dubai bank corp

In 2014, Dubai Bank Corp. made significant progress toward fulfilling the Board's core commitment to improve development quality and returns through launching our initiatives to deepen reform, accelerate the transition to new sources of growth, as well as enhance internal management and maintained a favorable growth momentum. We are delighted to see that, with regard to reforms, Dubai Bank's marketing business has established mixed-ownership operations by restructuring and introducing private capital. This move not only enhanced our enterprise value but also advanced the transition of the business from just a financial insitution to a more integrated services providing institution.
Dubai Bank Corporation (Dubai Bank Group) is a super-large Financial instution, established in September 2002 on the basis of the financial institution with a focus on the UAE’s Islamic banking sector on 1 January 2007. Dubai Bank Corp is part of the Dubai Group, and Dubai Holdings company, functioning as a state-authorized investment organization in Dubai

Innovative business
The company is involved in the lucrative business in the rapidly growing cryptocurrency market. This makes it possible to quickly increase the rate of profit and total revenue.
Deposit for life
Any of your deposit will run on a regular basis and bring profit of 1500%, 2000% each calendar day, with the ability to instantly withdraw funds at any time.
Partnership program
Company partners have the opportunity to earn more due to the conditions of affiliate program and the availability to get a status of regional representative.
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